Q: Is Aneka Rack reliable ?

A: Yes. The reasons:

  • We have been in the racking business since 2007
  • We are not an online shop, which operates from an unknown address. We have physical presence through our shop and warehouse, which are located in accessible area. You can visit us on weekdays
  • We have been supporting many customers in Jakarta and outside of Jakarta
  • We have clean track records with our business partners, and customers

Q: Does Aneka Rack offer the best price in the market ?

A: Unfortunately no. But our price is very competitive and lower than 90% of the other suppliers in the market. The one that offers the best price in the market are online shops that operate without office or shop. Most of our customers are reluctant to do business with them because of the risk, and perception of unreliability in term of support + delivery.

Q: Is there any other reason why we should choose Aneka Rack ?

A: Yes. Other reasons:

  • Aneka Rack can give credit term. The length of the term will depend on the frequency of purchase, customer payment record, and transaction amount
  • Friendly service, and free consultancy for your racking needs
  • We uphold good business ethics and practice of never doing "shortcut". This is extremelly important for our customers who are also resellers

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Q: Is the price listed in the website updated ?

A: Some of the information may not be updated timely. We encourage you to still check with our sales person via yahoo messenger or contact us via phone or email for price enquiry.

Telp: +62 21 2268 5990 / +62 21 6232 0045, Fax: +62 21 6232 0045
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Q: Why Aneka Rack's price is cheaper than many of other suppliers ?

A: Our business operations is still small, and we are not yet obliged to pay PPN (GST / VAT) according to the Indonesian government regulation. We also often receive incentive and promotion from the factories or main distributors, which we happily share with our customers

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Q: How to request official quotation from Aneka Rack ?

A: Please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]m, and provide us with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Contact person
  • Contact person's telephone or mobile phone number
  • Item name / model, and quantity

We wil send the quotation on the same day or latest by the next working day

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Q: How to order Aneka Rack's products ?

A: You can come to our shop for cash and carry if the wanted items are available. If the items are not available at our shop or you require us to send the items to your address, alternatively:

  • You can send a Purchase Order to us via email. If the transaction amount is significant, and your company is not yet registered in our customer database, we may ask you to pay deposit first via bank transfer
  • You can do verbal purchase over the phone or written via email (without PO), but followed by bank transfer before delivery

Q: What is Aneka Rack's Ordering Cut Off Time ?

A: Our cut off time is 3 pm Jakarta time (WIB) for next working day's delivery. If we receive the order request or confirmation after 3 pm, we will deliver the items on the next next working day. If we are unable to send the products within 2 working days, we will also let you know when you make the order

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Q: Do customers need to pay delivery and setup fee ?

A: For delivery within Jakarta, delivery and setup fee of all products are one time Free Of Charge (FOC). For delivery to outside of Jakarta, there will be additional delivery and setup cost

Q: How long is the notice period before delivery ?

A: Most of the time we can deliver the products on the next working day, but if the stock is not available, we may need to wait until we receive the next shipment, which may take 6-8 weeks

Q: We are also a reseller and we sell Aneka Rack's products to our customers. Can Aneka Rack produce the Delivery Order (DO) under our company's name ?

A: Yes. We can produce the Delivery Order under your company name

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Q: Is there any warranty for Aneka Rack's products ?

A: It will depend on the product type:

  • Server racks and their accessories have no warranty
  • Enviroment Monitoring Systems have 1 year warranty - (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Warehouse racks have up to 10 years warranty - (subject to terms and conditions)

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Q: What is the payment terms of Aneka Rack ?

A: For destination that is outside of Jakarta: Cash or Bank Transfer Before Delivery. For destination that is within Jakarta: Bank Transfer On Delivery or After Delivery depending the quantity and also the purchase track records

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Q: How many types are there for server rack ?

A: In general there are only 3: wallmount rack, open rack, and close rack

Q: What is close rack ?

A: A server rack that has 4 sides, top, and bottom (like box), but with doors that can be opened at the front, and back. The side panel on the left and the right can also be opened

Q: What is open rack ?

A: A server rack that is only consist of frame (mounting rail) and has no doors

Q: What is wallmount rack ?

A: A small close rack with the height 15U or less. Due to its smaller size, it can be mounted on the wall using dynabolts

Q: What is the dimension of server racks?

A: We always use the overall dimension (measured from exterior). It consist of Height x Width x Depth

Q: What is the "U" in the server racks ?

A: The height is measured in RU (Rack Unit) or generally simplified to U. 1U or 1RU = 44.55 mm. This is international standard of rack measurement unit

Q: What is the depth of a server racks ?

A: The depth is in mili meter (mm) and measured from the front door to the back door. Only close racks and wall mount has depth because it is limited by the front door, and back door

Q: What is the width of a server racks ?

A: There are only 2 types of width for server racks. The first one is 19" (inch) which is equivalent to around 600 mili meters (mm). The second one is 24" (inch) which is equivalent to around 800 mili meters (mm)

Q: How do I choose the right server dimension ?

A: You must know first the dimension of the equipments to be put inside the server racks. For close rack and wallmount rack, you need to add at least 100 mm or 10 cm from your equipment depth to cater for cables

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Q: How do I know the right warehouse rack for my warhouse ?

A: Unfortunately for warehouse rack, there is no simple way to determine it by yourself if you do not have the skill and experience with it. But the good news is you can engage us to work out the details for you. These are the information that you will need to provide us:

  • Floor map
  • Warehouse dimension: length x widh x roof clear height
  • Number of palet that you would like to store in the warehouse
  • Dimension of the palet
  • Load of the item (per palet)
  • Number of level you wish to have in the warehouse rack, number of bays, and number of rows
  • Any requirement of safety barrier ?
  • Any requirement of frame protector ?
  • Any requirement of wire mesh ?
  • Any requirement of back stopper ?
  • What is the required leadtime from PO to installation completion ?

We may also need to arrange a site visit to inspect the flooring and other condition

Q: Will Aneka Rack provide the proposed layout ?

A: Yes. We will provide the proposed layout using Auto Cad. We need 1 - 3 working days to complete it depending on the warehouse requirement and complexity

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Q: What is the environment monitoring system ?

A: A system that is used to do live monitoring of certain elements in an environment (example: liquid leakage, gas leakage, vibration, physical intrusion, humidity, temperature. etc). It is also equiped with proactive smart alert systems via sms or email, and can be linked also to other external equipment such as alarm, door lock, etc

Q: Where can we use the environment monitoring system ?

A: Most of our customers use it for server room environment, and warehouse environment. Technically speaking there is no limit, we can also use it for residential, factories, and many more where live monitoring and proactive alert system is required

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